Microlight Licence

To fly microlight aircraft you will need a National Private Pilot's Licence (Microlights). There are two types of NPPL(M): The Restricted Licence which requires a minimum of 15 hours flight training including 7 hours solo. This restricts pilots to flying within 8 nautical miles of take-off point and within certain weather constraints. The Full Licence which requires a minimum of 25 hours flight training to include 10 hours solo, 5 hours navigation training and two 40 nautical mile solo cross country flights. With this licence there are no restrictions on the distance you can fly. Both licences require you to pass a flight test and multiple choice written exams in Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Law, Aerotechnical and Human Factors. You can choose to train directly for the full licence or obtain a restricted licence and upgrade at a later date.