Dave Garrison began flying hang gliders in 1977 and became a hang gliding instructor in 1978. As a member of the British team he competed in international competitions including the World Championships. In 1979 he co-founded the first microlight school in the UK and in 1980 made the first Land's End to John O' Groats flight in a microlight aircraft. In 1989 Dave flew a Pegasus Q462 from HMS Illustrious in the Atlantic ocean becoming the only microlight pilot to have taken off from and landed on an aircraft carrier at sea. One of the most experienced instructors with over 12,000 hours on all types of microlight aircraft, Dave is a Flight Examiner, an RT (Radiotelephony) Examiner, an FIC instructor and member of the CAA panel of Examiners of Instructors.


Dave with his Christen Eagle

Takeoff Illustrious

Getting airborne from Illustrious in 1989