Microlight Aircraft

A microlight aircraft is defined as having a maximum all up weight including pilot, passenger and fuel of 600kg. Within this definition there are two main types . Flexwings, with a wing originally derived from hang gliders and fixed wing or 3 axis microlights looking very much like a conventional light aircraft. Both types have their advantages. Fixed wing aircraft are generally a little more expensive to buy and operate but can be flown comfortably in a much wider range of weather conditions than flexwings. The diversity of aircraft falling within the microlight category is huge. From a very light single seat aircraft flying at 35mph all the way to a composite fixed wing machine cruising at 140 mph with a 700 mile range. Purchase prices reflect this diversity and range from as little as 5000 to over 70,000 for the new generation of high performance fixed wing aircraft.

Eurostar and Skyranger