Trial Flights

60 minute Trial Lesson

The Trial Lesson is designed to give you a good all round experience of what is involved in learning to fly.

The lesson starts with a 20 minute classroom briefing explaining the basic controls of the aircraft and how they are used. Your instructor will then take you out and show you around the aircraft and the cockpit layout. Once you are settled comfortably in the aircraft he will talk you through the pre takeoff checks as he does them. Checks complete the instructor will take off, climb to altitude and settle the aircraft in the cruise.

Probably the first thing that will strike you is how amazing the visibilty is from the cockpit of the Eurostar. You have an unimpeded 360 degree view.

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You will now be able to take the controls and fly the aircraft trying some gentle manoeuvres with the instructor guiding you. He will encourage you to spend as much time flying the aircraft as you want during the flight. Usually at the end of the lesson you will fly the aircraft back to the airield where the instructor will take over and carry out the landing.

After landing we will sit down (generally with a cup of tea) and discuss the flight answering any questions you may have.

If you decide to continue with further lessons the flight time on the trial lesson will count towards the requirements for a licence.

30 minute Air Experience Flight

During the Air Experience Flight you will still have the opportunity to take the controls but the emphasis is more on enjoying the experience rather than getting too involved in the technicalities.